Art Box Parent & Me

Get ready for the ultimate bonding experience with your little one. In this new class, kids will paint, stamp, tear and paste as they work with their caregiver to create beautiful works of art.

Baby, Toddler n' Me

Little ones will engage in music, movement, art, stories and more to foster age-appropriate development in these fun, social and captivating classes. 

Beginner's Ballet

Treat your budding ballerinas to an engaging movement class where they'll learn the basics of ballet to promote growth and development, while also using their imaginations.

Funky Beats Dance

In this co-ed beginner's hip hop and jazz class kids will let loose to their favorite pop hits. This energetic class will promote physical development one funky move at a time.

Hatch + Bloom Parenting Series

Led by a Child Development Specialist, our parenting workshops cover a variety of topics from behavior and discipline to nutrition and sleep. 

Jam with Jamie

Prepare to dance, sing, laugh and learn during the ultimate kid-friendly jam session - bubbles, shakers, scarves, and more!

Inside Out Kids

We're bringing nature indoors in this new playgroup led by two OTs. Prepare to explore, paint and get messy using a variety of materials that help children build a new sense of connection with nature.

Intro to Jiu-Jitsu

In this introductory martial arts class focused on technique and positioning, children develop increased confidence, self-awareness, self-control, and regulation.

Miss Nancy's Petit Chefs

In this interactive cooking class young chefs will work with their hands, engage all of their senses and create tasty treats to take home and share with the family.  

On the Grow by State of Kid

Our proprietary program combines music, movement, art, sensory play and storytelling to complement each state of development from infancy to age two.  Tots and their caregivers will grow and discover together, one milestone at a time.

Parent & Me Ballet

For minis who love to move, this parent & me dance class will teach ballet basics (plies, ballerina toes and more) while bonding with your child.

Parent & Me Yoga

Designed for infants 6 weeks-6 months, this class includes developmental exercises and playful yoga poses to aid in brain development, digestion, sleep, strength and more.

Prep for Preschool

Are your children heading off to school? Let us help you prepare with our new program focused on fine motor skills, social interaction, sensory processing, attention regulation and more.

Red Violet Sensory Art & Play

Foster your child's love for art in this fun, empowering sensory class. Focusing more on process than results, this class promotes independence, creative thinking and problem solving.

Skybeat Kids

Designed to get kids moving and having fun, this class features easy-to-follow hip hop moves and basic dance sequences choreographed to upbeat pop music. 

Smocked Art

Experiment with different art techniques and explore sensory materials in these engaging, highly-creative classes for kids of all ages. Whether it’s a Parent & Me class or a mini camp, Rachel unleashes the artist in everyone! 

Smocked Dough

Get ready for an art and sensory experience unlike any other. Kids will engage in open-ended play with loose parts, natural materials and dough to stimulate imagination and creativity.  

Snapology S.T.E.A.M. & Robotics

Snapology programs are designed to promote creative play, teamwork and social skills. Using LEGOs, K'Nex & more, these STEAM classes teach children the basics of engineering and robotics while having fun!

STEM Adventures

Get ready to enter the enchanted word of science through fun, hands-on experiments. Kids will make their own solutions, paint on water, create underwater fireworks, inspect organisms and much more.

Tiny Tots Ballet

This class will teach your little ones ballet basics (pliés, ballerina toes and more) as well as coordination in a fun and energetic environment to promote growth and development.

Tumbling Tots

Little ones will enjoy climbing, rolling, running and jumping in our new introductory gymnastics class incorporating active play, music and imagination.