Maker Monkey Workshop

At Maker Monkey Workshop we teach kids how to use REAL TOOLS to build, create, and design. When we put real tools in children's hands, we empower them with knowledge and skills that help build creations and build confidence. In addition to the fun factor, working with tools helps develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, independence, problem-solving, conceptualization, and mathematic skills such as counting, measuring and sorting. Kids will express their creativity and discover how things are actually made in a safe environment. Soon they’ll realize that even their small hands are capable of big things.

Ages: 3-5 years

Sarah Wilson

Sarah is a metalsmith, jewellery designer, entrepreneur, and mother of two boys. Once her boys were old enough to be curious about her work and her tools, she let them “monkey around” safely in her studio. It was then that Sarah took up woodworking, and Maker Monkey Workshop was born with the mission to empower kids by giving them an authentic workshop experience that teaches practical skills and encourages endless creativity.