Red Violet Studio

In this child-led class, we aim to foster creativity, imagination and a love for the arts through fun, empowering experiences. We explore different materials, focusing more on the process than the results.  All classes begin with music to warm the children up.  Then, we unveil three sensory stations in addition to a painting wall. Children experience a variety of textures from rice and beans to slime, oobleck, shaving cream and more.  We even bring dirt indoors! Each class promotes independence, creative thinking and problem solving skills, all while having fun.

Ages: 1-3 years
Adult participation required. 

Catalina Gutierrez

Red Violet was founded by Catalina Gutierrez after having her two children. She began doing different types of sensory activities with them - painting, exploring, creating, and letting them view the world through a child-led lens. She then started Red Violet as a mobile business to bring art, play and crafts to kids ages 1-10.