Tummy Time & Talk

Join us for an exciting journey of discovery and connection in our Guide & Grow series, led by Pediatric OT Carly Miller. Here, we don't just focus on your baby's milestones; we create a nurturing support group to help you navigate and master the pivotal early childhood stages.

In our Tummy Time class, Carly will not only guide you through developmental next steps like visual tracking, scanning, rolling, and sitting but also share invaluable insights into best practices for sleeping and feeding. Most importantly, Carly provides unwavering support to new parents. She's here to offer guidance, share experiences, and create a tight-knit community of families who are there for each other every step of the way. 
Ages: 0-6 months


Carly Miller, MS, OTR/L

Born and raised in Miami, Carly is a pediatric occupational therapist with an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and a master’s degree from FIU. She has over 15 years of experience working in hospital settings, school settings, and in private practice.