Tumbling Tots

In this introductory gymnastics class, toddlers will learn acrobatic skills and build flexibility and strength in a fun, safe environment.  Through the use of balance beams, tumbling mats, parachutes and more, classes are designed to improve coordination, develop fine and gross motor skills and enhance social skills.  Children will practice climbing, rolling, running and jumping with the assistance of a parent or caregiver. As their skills develop, so will their confidence and passion for the sport.

Ages: 1-2 years. Please note that children must already be walking to attend this class.

Antonella Vichidomini 

A three-time Russian champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Antonella has been sharing her passion for the sport since she began coaching in 2005. Several gymnasts in her native Russia went on to the national team under her tutelage, and since moving to the US in 2011, she has trained numerous Florida champions. In 2015, Antonella began teaching little ones gymnastics basics at schools and gyms throughout Miami.