Meet Pili Munoz Arosemena

Early education specialist Pili Muñoz Arosemena works with babies and toddlers to develop gross motor skills, encourage movement and balance, promote communication and experiment with sensory play and music. Pili’s hands-on techniques and face-to-face approach quickly build a personal connection with her students, starting with babies two months old. Her handmade sensory bins are themed and highly engaging for little ones.

Born in Ecuador, Pili moved to the United States 10 years ago to attend Notre Dame University in Maryland, where she graduated with a degree in Education, specializing in Early Education/Child Development. After graduation, Pili relocated to Miami and was certified as a Registered Behavior Technician by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board, allowing her to utilize Applied Behavior Analysis for children of all abilities.

Pili’s enthusiasm is infectious, and she is adored by children and their caregivers. At State of Kid, Pili teaches our On the Grow series of classes, as well as Prep for Preschool.