On the Grow by State of Kid

From newborn to toddler, we’ve got every stage of early childhood covered!

Our new proprietary program, designed  to complement littles ones’ development during the formative early years, combines music, movement, art, sensory play and storytelling with age-appropriate objectives for every six-month phase. Each class series builds upon the next, with a reassuringly familiar mix of components guiding their cognitive, speech and motor skills for up to two years. Tots and their caregivers will grow and discover together, one milestone at a time. While our program is designed holistically as a progression, families can jump in at any time.

State of Infant (0-6 months)

It’s tummy time! It’s never too early to start socializing your baby and begin play-based learning. The littlest ones will be stimulated with music and bright objects and lulled back to sleep with a sweet story. For parents who have just given birth, this class is a fun way to connect with other families in the community. 

State of Baby (6-12 months)

Calling all crawlers! Your baby is on the move, and we’re here for it. Get ready to shake, rattle and roll with your excited explorer. Tushies will sway, fingers will paint, and bubbles will be popped. We’ll also work on speech development, balance and gross motor skills.

State of Toddler (12-18 months)

Walk this way! Whether they’re taking wobbly steps, striding or even running (!), toddlers are investigating the world around them. This is the perfect moment to practice their fine motor skills by putting piles and towers together (and knocking them down, of course), develop speech patterns by stringing a few sounds and words together and encourage active listening during story time.

State of Kid (18-24 months)

Two much, two soon! In the last segment of On the Grow, we will apply all that we have learned with an elevated curriculum focused on cognitive, emotional and physical development. At the end of the semester, we will have a graduation ceremony, as children matriculate into State of Kid’s older classes (or preschool) as accomplished two-year-olds.

Ages: 0-2 years


Maritere Garcia-Velez

On The Grow was created exclusively for State of Kid by Maritere, an educator with over 15 years experience teaching at Miami’s top private schools. With a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida and a Master’s Degree in Education from Loyola University, she has taught both preschool and elementary school students in South Florida.  Most recently, she spent five years at Fisher Island Day School in various roles including Admissions Director and Assistant Head of School. MT is thrilled to bring her previous experience incorporating baby and toddler developmental classes with live music, literacy activities and more to State of Kid.