STEM Adventures

Welcome to STEM Adventures at State of Kid, a new class created by Awesome Science. Prepare to be plunged into the enchanted world of science through hands-on, fun experiments. In these classes, children will create their own mixtures and solutions, paint on water, create underwater fireworks, inspect organisms under the lens of a microscope and much more. STEM activities are designed to ignite children’s imagination and help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are fundamental for success in the classroom and beyond.

Ages: 4-8 years
Drop-off class. A caregiver must remain in the Miami Design District and return to State of Kid five minutes before class ends for pick-up.

Awesome Science

Awesome Science is dedicated to ensuring children are fully equipped with the proper tools and knowledge for a brighter future.  Their STEM curriculum is designed to spark children’s interest and love for science while promoting early intellectual, emotional, and social development.  They provide a strong foundation for future learning and prepare children for success making a great positive difference for humanity.