Petite Yoginis

In this playful yoga class, children will exercise both their body and mind as they improve strength and flexibility, build coordination and concentration, and reduce stress. Ms Helen structures each session in four parts: Connect, Poses, Something Fun, and Quiet Time. First, the children will interact and come together as a group. Then, they will learn yoga poses in creative ways and explore fun yoga games. Finally, kids will have quiet time and relaxation. These four elements allow for a complete and fun yoga practice. Ms. Helen teaches in both English and Spanish to expand children's language learning skills. Each class is completely unique and allows children to grow and learn!

Ages: 1-3


Helen is a certified Rainbow Yoga instructor and has been teaching Kids Yoga for four years in a variety of schools and studios. Before being a full time yoga teacher, Helen spent twenty years as an Early Childhood head teacher. She began her studies in Lesley College in Boston and then graduated from Universidad del Norte in Colombia.