Music & Tummy Time

In this class designed specifically for infants, Laura will share her expertise so that you feel comfortable and confident at home. You will practice responsive and respectful tummy time in order to stretch and strengthen your baby’s muscles out of the fetal position. Optimal tummy time will also help your baby develop body awareness and support oral motor function. Additionally, this practice is encouraged to help prevent head flattening also known as Plagiocephaly. Miss Laura makes tummy time fun and enjoyable as you and your baby explore your senses, including the sixth and seventh senses associated with body movement and balance.

  • Ages 0 - 6 months
  • Adult Participation Required


Laura has always had a passion for music, dancing, early childhood education and physical therapy. With a background in physical therapy and experience in pediatrics (and as a mom of three), she strongly believes in the benefits of early childhood education and stimulation. Her brand, Rock with Mama offers a variety of music and movement classes in local preschools and at businesses in the Greater Miami area.