Mami y Yo Hablamos Español

This bilingual class is perfect for novices & fluent speakers alike. There is a reason that kids often learn new languages more easily than adults. Young children’s brains are like sponges that are uniquely prepared to soak up sounds and rhythms of new languages. Inspired by all Spanish-speaking countries, Miss Susy incorporates music, stories and dance to stimulate their senses and help children learn Spanish. This lively bilingual class will boost your child’s cognitive skills and creativity as they absorb a new language while having fun in a playful environment. As a bonus, parents and caregivers will brush up on their Spanish skills too.

Ages: 1-3 years
Adult Participation Required

Susy Baglietto

Miss Susy Baglietto of Meraki Fun Learning used to be a school librarian in Lima, Peru where she is from. A few years after moving to Miami she was certified as a Montessori educator and taught in a Montessori classroom for 9 years. Miss Susy is energetic, has a great sense of humor and genuine passion for sharing her talents with children.