Junior Tumblers

Join us for a dynamic Preschool Level Gymnastics class, specially designed for ages 3 & 4. In our safe and supportive environment, your child will discover the basics of gymnastics while having a blast. We focus on building fundamental skills, improving flexibility, balance, and coordination, all with the joy of music and fun conditioning. As they progress, your child will learn their first mini gymnastics routines, fostering confidence and a love for the sport. Our experienced instructor, Maria is dedicated to nurturing physical abilities and self-confidence. Enroll your mini champion and watch them soar!
Ages: 3-5 years


Maria Best

Born in Germany, Maria is a multi-talented professional with a passion for movement and the arts. With a diverse background in dance, fitness, and education, she brings a wealth of experience. Professionally trained in classical ballet, Maria has been teaching dance for over 20 years and coaching children’s gymnastics for more than five years. She is also an education specialist with experience in art classes, costume design and makeup.