Experts agree that play is a child’s first language and it is how they develop crucial social-emotional skills as they grow. This class will utilize play to help children conquer developmental milestones while having fun in a safe environment. Each Hatch + Bloom PLAY Group is developed to tackle age-specific social skills and is curated around specific childhood themes that all kids experience daily. Classes will use PLAY, story time, music, movement, art, and human connection to expose and EMPOWER kids around themes such as bedtime, routines, managing feelings, social skills, mindfulness, kindness, transitions, separation and more. Play sessions will be broken out into three age groups:

Baby: for parents with infants ages 0-12 months
Babies’ brain development doubles in the first 12 months! It is the most important time for bonding with parents and other babies in order to create a path for success. This class will use play, music, massage, and art to promote parent-child bonding and developmental milestones.
Note: This class is for parents and babies.

Toddler: for parents with toddlers ages 1-2 years
Toddlers are always moving and developing at full speed, and they go through a significant amount of change that comes with high emotions. This class will use a lot of play, story time, music, and art to promote parent-child bonding, while also encouraging independence, confidence, fun, silliness and smiles.
Note: This class is for parents and toddlers.

Preschooler: for children ages 3-5 years
Preschoolers can be highly emotional, but they are also learning practical skills like problem solving, decision making, taking turns and more. This class is meant to be really fun and use play, story time, music, and art to help preschoolers feel empowered in what they are experiencing in daily life, while helping them to practice their newly developed social skills.
Note: This is a drop-off class.


Evelyn Mendal is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor certified in infant mental health, and is the founder of Hatch + Bloom. She is fascinated by early childhood development and the parent-child relationship, which inspired her to develop an extensive resource class to help parents navigate pregnancy and early childhood. Her goal is to help build more confident, mindful and happy parents who will raise healthy, independent and happier kids.