Crafty Critters

Dive into a wild world of imagination with Crafty Critters led by Jessica Kirschner. Unleash your child's creativity through sensory play and eco-friendly crafts inspired by nature. With Jessica's expertise in early education and holistic health, every session is designed to nurture confidence and independence, ensuring your little ones leave with a masterpiece they'll cherish. Join us for a (slightly messy!) adventure where every child's unique journey is celebrated and embraced.

Ages: 1.5-3 years


Jessica Kirschner

Jessica has a mixed background in early education, psychology, holistic health and nutrition. She has worked in ed-tech and curriculum management, and holds a Certificate in Instructional Design and Development and a Certificate in Health Coaching. She founded Happily Whole Play by Happily Whole, LLC, curating sensory-based educational play packs that encourage both creativity and development.