Mindful Me

This is a must-try class for any kids who have ever felt overwhelmed or struggled to manage their emotions. Through mindful movement, breath work, conscious art and meditation exercises children will go on a journey to help achieve balance in their young brains. We will talk about our feelings and connecting with each other, and we will learn the basics of breathing consciously. Children will begin to understand what it means to be in a mindful moment of meditation and will learn to be quiet in their bodies and minds. In addition, we will use art to understand the world around us a little bit better. This class is a drop-off class intended for children 4-5 years old who can work independently.

Ages: 4-5 years

Paloma Duenas

Paloma is a multidisciplinary artist, vocalist and music therapist specializing in Autism and Sensory Integration Disorders. As a teaching artist, Paloma has worked for 19 years providing inclusive music, movement and art activities for children of all abilities with different organizations in Miami and Broward counties.  She also teaches at The Bass Museum of Art.