Art + Mindfulness Holiday Workshop

In this special post-Thanksgiving workshop, Paloma Duenas will lead children and their parents in a meditative art activity.  Families will work together to create unique mobiles made of yarn, branches and other materials. As they construct their art, each family will focus on being present and enjoying this time with their loved ones.  Gratitude is one of the best presents we can give during the holiday season and this class encourages just that! 

Ages: 4-8 years

Paloma Duenas

Paloma is a multidisciplinary artist, vocalist and music therapist specializing in Autism and Sensory Integration Disorders. As a teaching artist, Paloma has worked for 19 years providing inclusive music, movement and art activities for children of all abilities with different organizations in Miami and Broward counties.  She also teaches at The Bass Museum of Art.